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Wadi Rum


The Extreme 4X4 Wheel Drive Show

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Taking advantage of the location and this exciting event where thousands of spectators are expected to spend the day or perhaps the whole three days at the festival site, a 4X4 Wheel Drive vehicles will be on display in addition to the following activities:

  1. Rough terrain test track  competition will take place few hundred meters away from the festival launch field where some of the magnificent 4WDs in the market present live performance for a live audience.

  2. A Wadi Rum Safari will be offered to the public where visitors from the public will be taken through difficult routes to locations never been discovered before by regular 4WDs.

The display area will be suitably located near the VIP Lounge 'Royal Tent' and close to the Media vehicles and food and beverage outlets.

Basic space of 25 Square Meters "5mX5m" dome tents covered space is ideal for one SUV 'Truck', multiple tents to display multiple vehicles if required.

Location of display tents subject to priority 'first come first served', arrangement of tents to be mutually agreed on before 30/09/2008.

Download Application Form


Organized by: Walid Hikmat

RAK Free Zone

Tel: +971 50 374 0617

E-Mail   :   


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