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Middle East Online Recycling Show - Balers, Crushers, Compactors, Plastics, PET recycling, Batteries, Aluminum, Complete plants, Tire Recycling

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Our 4th MidEast Upstream 2007 Conference focuses on the exploration and development ventures of State Players and Companies in the Middle East where large oil and gas reserves remain, acreage leasing is accelerating, new gas-LNG ventures are afoot, and investment opportunities have attracted greater commitments from Super-Majors, Independents .... Meeting Ended

Oryx Enterprises is a young Qatari Company poised to bring in associations and affiliations into the Middle East market place from all over the World to provide proven cost and schedule saving solutions to the Middle East market. We will help you overcome your crisis.


Modern Doha 

List of Qatar Major Projects

Hilman Rollers are high capacity, low profile roller dollies used for moving, shifting and positioning extremely heavy weights. Used as machinery dollies, load skates, slides, low profile wheels, casters, guides, linear bearings, or heavy-duty conveyors, and with capacities ranging from .75 to over 5,000 tons, Hilman Rollers are the solution for practically every heavy-moving situation.

Prints, Posters, Paintings, Sports Menorabilia

The masterpiece you've always dreamed of owning is now available at great, low prices. Choose from an amazing array of Fine Quality Art Prints, Popular Posters & Limited Editions.



Pressure Pipes are used in many areas from gas, potable water, sprinkler systems and sewage transport to high end applications such as the chemical industry and oilfield.  Plastics are generally lighter, more flexible and less susceptible to corrosion than traditional materials.

Modular Prefabricated Buildings
Accommodation Containers
Accommodation Containers
Modified From DC
Shipping Containers
Pre-Engineered Steel
Construction Buildings
Emergency Accommodation Buildings
GSM Shelters


Established in 1992, With nearly 14 years in the car parts business, AZ Auto & Parts has expertly and consistently served our customers with only the absolute highest level of customer service and trusted autos & parts in the market. Through the years, our name has become synonymous with low prices and and quality used autos & parts.

AmerCable Incorporated

AmerCable is the leading manufacturer of flexible electrical power and control cables for harsh operating environments ...

We offer a new concept that provides a true bacteriological barrier every time a risk factor is identified:

  • UV treatment of cold water from the water meter inlet

  • UV treatment of hot water closed circuits

  • UV treatment combined with preventive treatment of biofilms

"Light creates a sense of place. It functions as a stimulus. The light pattern in a space creates a response from a viewer. If the light changes in a space, the person's feeling or reaction to the space will change. Human beings are dynamic - continually changing. This applies to the sensitivity of both the eye and the brain to light. Under differing circumstances the human interpretation of a space will change." ~Janet Lennox Moyer

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