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 About Rawan Affordable Furniture


Rawan Furniture was established in Amman Jordan back in 2002by its founder Captain A. Al Eyadeh an ex-RAF fighter pilot, he had one simple vision in mind ... to create and build special featured furniture that serves the consumer while considering the environment.

Our two production lines compose of 1) The no nail, no tool section and 2) The conventional furniture section. The first allows for production of environmentally friendly eco-furniture that utilizes solid wood only without nails, glue or toxic paints and need no tools to install. The latter produces modern furniture for those who's needs vary away from simple methods.

Rawan Furniture always consider simplicity and workability in producing economical let alone attractive and durable solid wood furniture.


Eco-Shelves, Tables & Desks
Exhibition Shelves & Display Units
Modern Bedrooms

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