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Blue Line Innovations, Inc.

Blue Line Innovations Launches New Version of Home Electricity Monitor - Latest Version of PowerCost Monitor Compatible with Smart Meters

Blue Line Innovations, maker of the PowerCost Monitor, the device that shows homeowners what they are spending on electricity in real time, today announced the release of a new version of their popular product - one that is compatible with smart meters.

Smart meters provide information to the utility; the PowerCost Monitor completes the information loop by providing the consumer with details on their consumption that helps them conserve electricity.

According to James McMillan, VP Sales and Marketing with Blue Line Innovations, the newest version of the product is the next logical extension of the smart meter program.

"Electrical utilities are moving forward with their deployments of smart meters and as a company we want to be in step with them. This new version of our product is compatible with smart meters. This gives our customers even more flexibility", he said.

While smart meters provide information to the utility to better gauge demand and provide the ability to implement time of use pricing, the PowerCost Monitor provides consumers with the information that they need to better understand their power consumption and the effect on the family budget of shifting their demand to lower cost times. Adds Mr. McMillan, "At Blue Line, we strive to make our technology easy to use and consumers often mention how effective it is in educating the whole family on saving energy."

Blue Line recently completed a successful commercial deployment of 30,000 PowerCost Monitors to Hydro One customers in Ontario. The Hydro One project represented the first commercial deployment in North America of a real time electrical energy feedback device.

About Blue Line Innovations:

Blue Line Innovations is a Newfoundland and Labrador based firm offering innovative conservation and demand-side management solutions to the energy sector. Key divisions of Blue Line Innovations are involved in product development, marketing, systems engineering and manufacturing.

Blue Line is the only developer and provider of this innovative technology in Canada. Given the global focus on energy conservation, Blue Line Innovations is well positioned to support individuals, utilities and governments in achieving their conservation goals.


CONTACT: Brandi Green, Blue Line Innovations, (709) 579-3502 ex 205; Shaun Markey, (613) 728-9951, ; For more information on Blue Line Innovations or the PowerCost Monitor, visit

Company Information:
Name: Blue Line Innovations, Inc.
Address: 1st Floor, ICON Bld.,
City: St. John's
ZIP: A1B 3P9
Country: Canada
Phone: 709-579-3502




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