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Reem Island Infrastructure construction well underway

With the design of the infrastructure of Al Reem Island almost complete and the construction of the entire regional network of roads and bridges commencing in June 2007, the infrastructure on the island is well underway.


The designs of the roads, bridges and utilities, as well as the links with Abu Dhabi Island are already at an advanced stage. Bayt Al Khidma, on behalf of Reem Developers, Sorouh and Tamouh, will be requesting tenders for the regional roads, bridges and utilities projects on Al Reem Island as early as May 2007. The first tender is expected to be awarded by June 2007 and the first phase will be delivered in 18 months, with the whole regional infrastructure being completed by 2009

The island is currently accessible via one bridge at Sheikh Hazaa Street. Preparatory work is already underway for the permanent work. Bayt Al Khidma has awarded a contract worth AED 26 million to Bin Harmal in order to build temporary access roads.

Dr. Falah Mustafa, CEO of Bayt Al Khidma, on behalf of all three developers said, 'All infrastructural aspects for Al Reem Island will soon become a reality. We are on track to provide effective and efficient roads and utilities for the entire island. I am very pleased with the pace at which work is progressing. '

The permanent road system is going to be unique, with minimal, modern traffic lights to allow for a smooth flow of traffic. In order to finalize an effective and efficient design, a full traffic assessment was computer simulated using the latest technology in traffic simulation software.



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