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Saudi Aramco Selects Dow for Negotiations
on New Petrochemical Complex at Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Courtesy: Webbolt Newsroom

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) has selected The Dow Chemical Company as its potential partner to engage in exclusive negotiations concerning a joint venture company to construct, own and operate a world-scale chemicals and plastics production complex at Ras Tanura, in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. This joint venture would encompass an array of world-scale facilities producing a very broad portfolio of plastics and chemical products. The proposed petrochemical project would be integrated with the existing Ras Tanura refinery complex, which is one of the world's largest refinery complexes. When fully operational, the new petrochemical complex would be one of the largest plastics and chemicals production complexes in the world and be ideally situated to access most major world markets. The joint venture would produce an extensive and diversified slate of chemicals, and introduce new value chains and specialty products to the Kingdom. The availability of these chemicals in the Kingdom would facilitate the development of downstream conversion industries and the further industrialization of the Kingdom.

Oil shale test project clears environmental hurdle

Associated Press

Federal land managers have concluded that a test project proposed by EGL Resources Inc. to extract oil from shale in western Colorado would have no appreciable environmental impact.

EGL is one of four companies in the running for Bureau of Land Management permits to operate experimental oil-shale projects in Colorado and Utah.

Shale formations in the West are believed to contain a trillion barrels of oil, four times the oil holdings of Saudi Arabia, but an affordable and environmentally safe method of extracting the energy has been elusive.

Midland, Texas-based EGL wants to drill a vertical shaft on a 160-acre parcel near Meeker to fracture the shale, circulate superheated steam or fluids to melt the oil-bearing materials and then pump the oil to the surface.

The BLM reached its environmental conclusions from an environmental assessment published last week, the Glenwood Springs Post Independent reported Monday.

Shell Frontier Oil & Gas Co. and Chevron Shale Oil Co. are also seeking BLM permits for experimental oil shale projects in Colorado. Oil Shale Exploration Co. is seeking a permit for a project in Utah.

A final decision on EGL's proposal is expected by the end of September, said Jim Edwards, chief of the BLM's solid minerals branch. The agency will take public comments on the EGL report until Sept.1st.

Glenn Vawter, EGL's oil shale division manager, said he expects field work on the project to begin next summer. He said the test will cost "in the tens of millions of dollars."

"It will probably be three years before we know it's successful," he said.


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