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EMS teams up with Dubai Municipality to launch innovative Sewage Reduction Program

Energy Management Services (EMS) International, the leading energy management and energy conservation company in the Middle East, has joined hands with Dubai Municipality to launch an innovative sewage reduction program that aims at reducing water usage to minimise the burden on Dubai's sewage network.

Khaled Bushnaq, Managing Director, Energy Management Services, said, 'The Sewage Reduction Program involves EMS installing specially designed equipments and fittings in several new and existing buildings across Dubai that will lead to reduced water consumption. As an incentive for people to adopt the scheme EMS will be involved in preparing and installing the equipments. These devices will reduce the volume flow by at least 30%. Dubai Municipality has released standards for water consumption for new buildings, all real estate agencies and consultancy firms should be familiarized with these standards.'

Engineer Talib Julfar - Director of Drainage and Irrigation Department of Dubai Municipality stated: 'Over 400,000 cubic metres of wastewater pass through Dubai's sewage system daily, putting considerable strain on the emirate's 1,200 kilometre sewage pipeline network. Further, the recent rains and the subsequent flooding of several roads in the emirate have only highlighted the need for urgent measures to be taken to reduce the burden on Dubai's sewage and drainage system.'

Hisham Bukhari, Dubai Municipality Engineer, said, 'We are pleased to team up with EMS to launch this innovative Sewage Reduction Program which will leverage our collective expertise and resources. EMS and Dubai Municipality share a common goal, and the launch of this Program is a first step in a broader plan to improve Dubai's sewage-handling capacity. We are certain that property developers and building owners will recognise the importance of reducing water consumption and show their keenness in installing the new equipments in their buildings.'

The Sewage Reduction Program is the latest project in the EMS portfolio focussing on energy efficiency and cleaner alternatives. In recent years, EMS has invested heavily in obtaining qualitative analysis and conducting studies to provide a first-class investigation in the field of renewable energy resources and the implementation of energy saving systems. As a result, the company received a special recognition award from the World Energy Congress in the United States and presently manages more than 200 energy management projects throughout the Middle East.

'In addition to economic gains, there are considerable environmental benefits that can be achieved from implementing the Sewage Reduction Program,' highlighted Bushnaq. 'The program fully complements EMS' 'green' building focus, which refers to the construction of environmentally-friendly building alternatives.

'A consideration of such 'green' options leads to a reduction in overall energy and water consumption, yields operational savings for the lifetime of the building and reduces the strain on local infrastructure. 'Green' buildings may also be easier to finance because they are designed to be integrated into the environment and will potentially increase the buildings profitability.'

Over the years, EMS has strengthened its position in the Middle East markets, offering services such as conducting energy audits to identify appropriate energy saving measures for companies in different sectors, analysis of new facilities to optimise and reduce construction costs and recommending and installing the right energy saving equipments and controls.

The energy saving measures recommended by EMS include efficient lighting, reduced air-conditioning consumption, minimal refrigeration cost, installation of control systems, eliminating power factor penalty, reduced peak demand charges, efficient boilers, reduced steam losses and minimising heating costs.


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