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Ducab's biggest ever expansion

Ducab, the leading manufacturer of high-quality power cables in the Middle East, announced its major expansion, which will increase capacity by approximately 50 per cent.



The project is in progress, and the first equipment will be installed in 2007 with completion by the end of 2008. With the total investment of approximately AED 660 million, the expansion will focus on the manufacture of Power Cables, Building Wires and cables of specialist designs at both the Dubai and Abu Dhabi factory sites. Both factories will be reorganised to give dedicated state of the art production facilities for particular ranges of cable.

Ducab's expansion will support the development of the U.A.E. as a centre of Manufacturing Excellence. To progress this project we will need many more people, and opportunities will be created for U.A.E. Nationals with Engineering qualifications and other vocational skills.

Colin Paskins, Managing Director Ducab, explained:

'The economies of the U.A.E. and neighbouring Gulf States continue to grow at a fast pace, particularly in Construction and Power Transmission and Distribution. Investments in areas like oil, gas and petrochemical, industrial development and real estate have created a strong demand for power cables and this will continue for a considerable time. Our expansion plan will enable us to meet this demand and extend our range of new cable types.'

The new capacity will enable the company to meet and support the needs of its growing customer base both in the region and beyond. The new cable types will particularly suit the needs of the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical sector and other major Industrial developments.

There is also a very fast growing demand for residential and office space, often in high rise buildings, and the company has developed new ranges of fire protection cables for these and other high occupancy buildings.

Ducab has undertaken many developments in the last ten years including the manufacture of Medium Voltage cables in 1998, its new factory in Abu Dhabi that was opened early in 2005, its PVC Compounding facility in Jebel Ali opened during 2006, and its Copper Rod casting plant currently under construction in Musaffah. All of these completed projects were finished on time and within budget.

On completion of all of these developments Ducab will continue to be the most advanced power cable company in the region, with facilities that are truly World Class. The company will not stop there and is already considering the next major steps in its growth.

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