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H. M King Abdullah in Taif to Open Key Projects
Arab News

TAIF, 23 July 2006 — Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah arrived in Taif yesterday as part of his regional tours to observe the state of the people of the Kingdom up close and to inaugurate a number of developmental programs.

Children with bouquets welcomed King Abdullah at the Taif airport. Elaborate arrangements were made to welcome the king with folk music and dance as the occasion also coincides with the anniversary of King Abdullah’s accession to the throne. Both sides of the road leading from the airport were festooned with flowers and other decorations.

The king urged the people to cut short the festivities as a mark of sympathy for their suffering fellow Arabs in Lebanon and Palestine, Saudi Press Agency reported yesterday.

Interior Minister Prince Naif and several princes and high-ranking officials accompanied the king.

King Abdullah is also scheduled to open SR3.5 billion in projects, including the first phase of the Taif university campus, technical and training projects and roads.

Labor Minister Ghazi Al-Gosaibi, chairman of the board of directors of the General Organization for Technical Educational and Vocational Training (GOTEVOT), said in a statement to SPA: “King Abdullah will lay the foundation stones for various training units under the GOTEVOT in Taif. The projects, which are part of launching vital projects through out the Kingdom, aim at expanding the base for training and increasing the capacity for the training facilities available in the Kingdom.”

The training projects being opened in the region at a total cost of SR300 million, include technical colleges for boys and girls, women’s technical education and vocational training institutes and a women’s college of vocational training in Mysan.

The king will also attend the function to launch the construction of the 12-km two-way Hada-Kara road, estimated to cost SR198 million.

Galfar bags two major contracts from PDO
Times of Oman - 24/07/2006Oman MUSCAT

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has awarded two major contracts worth $70 million to Galfar Engineering and Contracting for major construction projects that will help greatly enhance transportation links between key interior locations.

"The first contract involves building of airports with paved runways at Fahud, Qarn Alam and Marmul, and the other involves the laying of a new blacktop road linking Fahud with Lekhwair," PDO said here yesterday.

The airport contract, valued at nearly $20 million, calls for a major upgrade to PDO's existing unpaved airstrips at Qarn Alam and Marmul. In the case of Fahud, the contracted work involves the upgrading of the existing paved runway there.

The plan is to develop these sites into hard-topped airports that are capable of handling aircraft larger than the turbo-prop aeroplanes that they are currently handling. Each upgraded airport will feature 2,440 metres of paved runway — enough for the take-off and landing of jet aircraft such as the Boeing 737. Each of the upgraded airports will also have a taxiway and apron asphalted to the standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Furthermore, small terminal buildings will be constructed with facilities for check-in, baggage handling, and control-room operations; separate buildings will additionally house the fire and rescue unit as well as rest areas for aircrews. All three upgraded airports will be operational by the end of 2007. "This contract will create a network of modern paved airports within PDO's concession area, thus greatly facilitating the safe, convenient and speedy movement of company personnel between Muscat and our interior sites," commented Dr Abdulla Al Lamki, deputy managing director of PDO.

"With the growth of our operations, we have been reviewing our internal air-transport services with a view to making commuting a comfortable experience for our staff and contractor personnel. The new airports will be served by jet aircraft with a capacity of a hundred or so passengers, which is far greater than the capacities now available. There are clear efficiencies and economies of scale to be gained if we rely on popular commercial jet aircraft and fewer but bigger airports for our air-transport needs."

The road-building contract, valued at around $50 million, calls for a new 125-kilometre-long blacktop to be laid from Fahud to Lekhwair. Lekhwair is presently served by a graded road that can no longer be suitably maintained.

The deteriorating road condition, compounded by an increase in third-party traffic, has necessitated a major overhaul of this road. The road project is due for completion by 2008.

"With this investment, Lekhwair will finally be linked to PDO's paved-road network. This project stems primarily from PDO's desire to ensure safe motoring conditions for all people driving to Lekhwair — not only PDO staff and contractors but also local residents and third-party users.

PDO is keen to maintain uninterrupted access to Lekhwair, where a major increase in activities is envisaged over the coming years."

Salim Hamed Al Fannah Al Araimi, chairman of Galfar, said: "These contracts are just the latest developments in our long association with PDO in building the nation's infrastructure.

"We look forward to delivering the new airports and asphalted road from which PDO — and Oman in general — will benefit."



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