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German Technology Transfer

German companies are looking to bring their trenchless technology to the region and capitalise on the development and upgrading of utilities infrastructure.

Trenchless technology enables underground utilities to be installed or repaired without the need for continuous trenches to be excavated, thus minimising the level of surface disruption and costs incurred.

There was an official German presence at the Trenchless Middle East exhibition in Dubai on 12-13 March in a strong show of support for the German manufacturing sector from its government.

Professor Jens Hölterhoff, Chairman of the German Society for Trenchless Technology, said the support of the government in allocating funds towards the German pavilion gave companies the chance to build up a network of contacts or find local partners - an opportunity they would ordinarily find harder to afford off the back of their own financial resources.


He said there were various other reasons for companies' participation. Some were simply trying to sell their products, others their know-how. Even companies already established in the Middle East, such as tunnelling machine manufacturers Herrenknecht and Bohrtec, were making the most of the opportunity.

Dr Gregor Nieder, Managing Director of Bohrtec, said, "We have already achieved a lot in the Middle East and have a high percentage of the market here with our microtunnelling machine. We want to have a good contact to the existing clients and be involving in the coming projects. There will be a lot of these in the Middle East."

German participants agreed that their interests in utilities projects spanned water supply, wastewater, sewage and even traffic tunnelling, whilst Professor Hölterhoff pointed out that the exhibition was "not just about construction, but also about renovation," referring to the need to modernise the region's utility infrastructure.

He declared himself satisfied with the custom received. "A lot of interested parties have been here, many conversations have taken place and in the course of the next few months these contacts must be consolidated," he said.




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