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2nd Middle East Waste and Environmental

Management Congress
17-19 February, 2009

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PET Bottle Scrap Recycling & Trading

We collect and trade in PET Bottle Scrap (Waste) in the following forms:

  1. Crushed in 10-12 mm flakes

  2. Bales of around 80 Kg each bale

Crushed Flakes

  1. Pre-consumer (Post-industrial, without caps, rings or labels)

  2. Post-consumer boiled-washed or unwashed with caps rings and labels

Baled Bottles

  1. Pre-consumer (Post-industrial, without caps, rings or labels)

  2. Post-consumer with caps, rings and labels

Bottle color composition:

  1. 80% Clear

  2. 15% Light blue

  3. 5% Green

Color separated in all of the above


  1. Flakes washed or unwashed in 50 Kg used PP bags, 25 Mt. in each 40' HQ Container

  2. Bales 50X50X80 cm at 80 Kg/Bale 18-19 Mt. in each 40' HQ Container


  1. Delivery - Standard delivery time four weeks from order confirmation

  2. Quantity - Our capacity is 200-300 Mt/Month depending on the season

  3. Payment - 50/50 T/T

General material specifications

  1. MI: 255-264 Degrees

  2. IV: 0.73-0.83

  3. PVC: < 1ppm

  4. Labels: Paper

  5. Caps/Rings: PP/PE


  1. Free

  2. Shipping at buyer's cost

Photos (click on photo to enlarge)

Post industrial

Washed Unwashed Baled
Post Industrial PET Bottle Flakes Washed & Dried PET Bottle Flakes Unwashed PET Bottle Flakes Baled PET Bottle Scrap (Waste)

For inquiries contact:

Tel: 0020-19-959 6560 E-mail:  



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