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RecShow '08

Middle East Recycling, Waste & Environmental
Management Exhibition & Congress

Successfully Concluded on Feb. 19th , 2008


Application for Participation (PDF)
Download Full Brochure (PDF)

Environmental Education - Short Courses on Environmental Pollution Control

Dr. Suresh T. Nesaratnam
Department of Design, Development, Environment and Materials
Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology
The Open University
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
United Kingdom
e-mail : s.nesaratnam[at]

Dr. Shahram Taherzadeh
Department of Design, Development, Environment and Materials
Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology
The Open University
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
United Kingdom
e-mail : s.taherzadeh[at]

Worldwide concerns over issues such as waste management, climate change, water supply, and food contamination make Pollution Control a topic that is foremost in many countries, and especially in the fast-growing nations of the Middle East. The Open University, in the United Kingdom, a leader in distance-teaching, offers a Diploma in Pollution Control which equips practitioners with the technical know-how they need to address issues related to control of pollution due to water, wastes, noise and air. The Diploma comprises two Courses, each taken over one calendar year. Practitioners in industry often do not have the time for such extended study. Taking this into account, the subject specialists who produced the material for the Diploma in Pollution Control are able to offer short, one-week Courses, at clientís premises, to cover pollution control in each of the four fields (i.e. water, wastes, noise and air) of importance in the world today. Up to 15 trainees can be taught at one time, making this a cost-effective way of developing staff. The wide-ranging subject matter available in these Short Courses will be outlined in this Paper. The Short Courses comprise face-to-face lectures, and Workshops. Attendees will be presented with the relevant Open University course texts, which are written in a very clear, readable format, ready for independent study. They will also receive an Attendance Certificate.

Short Biography of Dr. Suresh T. Nesaratnam:

Dr. Suresh Nesaratnam graduated with an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London, in 1975, and then went on to study for a Masters and then a PhD in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. After gaining his Doctorate, he went to work in Malaysia, for a very large engineering consultancy. Following this, he went to Kuwait in 1981, where he worked as an Associate Research Specialist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), leading various Projects in wastewater treatment, water reuse, and algal cultivation. After five years at KISR, he went to work at the Ministry of the Environment, in the Sultanate of Oman, where he was the Controller of Water and Waste Pollution. After two and a half years in Oman, he returned to the UK, where he worked as a Senior Process Engineer, at The Institute of Offshore Engineering, at Heriot-Watt University, in Edinburgh. Here, he was responsible for applied research and teaching in water and effluent treatment, in relation to offshore oil installations.

In 1991, he joined The Open University, in Milton Keynes, where he is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering. His specialization is water and effluent treatment, and waste management. He lectures at other universities and has been a Trainer in a number of Training Courses abroad. His research areas encompass the use of date pits to produce activated carbon, strengthening of institutions in the water sector, and the analysis of household waste data. To date he has published one book, and has 18 refereed publications to his name.

Short Biography of Dr. Shahram Taherzadeh

Dr. Shahram Taherzadeh has a BSc (Hons) degree in Physics, from the University of Essex. Prior to joining The Open University, he was a teacher of mathematics in London. Dr Taherzadeh has been at The Open University since 1990, first as a Research Assistant, and then as a Lecturer. His research interest is in outdoor sound propagation and the influence of ground surface on noise levels. He obtained his PhD from The Open University in 1996, and has been working on Engineering and Environment courses since 2000. He is a member of the ISO WG39 Technical Group (which deals with standards on methods for measuring road surface roughness), and a member of the ANSI WG20 Technical Working Group (which deliberates on standards for measuring the acoustic impedance of ground surfaces).

Dr Taherzadeh has presented papers on Sound Propagation in many conferences in the UK and abroad, his last presentation being at the Acoustical Society of America Meeting at Salt Lake City, USA, in June 2007.

Short history of public speaking and experience of Dr. Suresh T. Nesaratnam :

Dr. Nesaratnam has regularly spoken at Conferences and Seminars, and is an effective and engaging Speaker. His last Presentation in the Middle East was at the 4th Euro-Arab Environment Conference and Exhibition, in Kuwait , in November 2006.


Organized by: Walid Hikmat

RAK, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 374 0617

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