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The Ruhr: built on energy

RecShow '08

Middle East Recycling, Waste & Environmental
Management Exhibition & Congress

Successfully Concluded on Feb. 19th , 2008


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Environment, You, & Me: Responsibility lies within the spirit of the manufacture

Laurie Adams
E’Terra Inn, Niagara Escarpment
Bruce Peninsula, Canada

Laurie Adams speaks with knowledge from a pragmatic, ‘hands on’ perspective as a Project Manager, Builder and Researcher implementing the requirements and procedures set forth by the scientific academia, as well as the engineering and architectural industries. Through thought provocation, she engages co-workers, students and audiences to understand the impacts of the balancing-point in our changing world from environmental survival, economical outreach and ethics of the human spirit.

Governmental Institutions as well as governmentally subsidized industries located worldwide may feel pressured to adopt the “sustainable cause” seeking changes to human impact within their unique geographical regions thereby using techniques implemented in dissimilar regions without considering cultural and political differences. By considering geography, geology and history, the utilization of a building philosophy entitled ‘Balance within the 3 E’s of ecology, economics and ethics’ creates a new working platform for the future.

Laurie Adams built E’Terra Inn, a prototype using the 3E’s wherein the balance of lifecycles and everyday decisions are considered regarding site disturbance and sanitation issues; “tested” waste management using new technologies; water treatment with wells or community water systems also addressing the “pharmaceutical soup”; construction with responsibility and common-sense assessments; foundations of good energy efficiency – looking at efficient technologies that work in application not theories; spend research time wisely; use existing programs as guidelines from cohesive architectural design and engineering practices; human consumption and learning to live within the change of ‘living green’ on a planet where the climate continues to change and challenge us.

Ask yourself where does this responsibility of balance begin?

  1. A sense of place – our home

  2. Dynamics of you and me

  3. Environment, economics and ethics

  4. Elementals – earth (geography), air to breathe, water (sanitation, drinking) and fire (energy)

  5. Basic needs – adequate housing, sanitation, health care (proper food and medicines) education, and jobs

  6. Directions for our built environment to engage the six senses.

E’Terra is an award winning, self-sustaining 8,400 square foot multi - level facility located in the core area of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve on the Bruce Peninsula, Canada. This environmentally sensitive getaway is crafted of stone and timbers, nestled amongst the cedars on 100 acres of private forest, overlooking Georgian Bay.

E’Terra Inn provides exclusive year round first class services and is dedicated to the conservation of the Bruce Peninsula’s rich natural diversity. Interestingly, E’Terra lies in a unique geographical region that requires systems that consider extremely cold temperatures whereas Jordan lies in a unique geographical region that requires systems that consider extremely hot temperatures. Despite the differences of geographical locations of both regions, both locations require similar operating systems.


Organized by: Walid Hikmat

RAK, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 374 0617

E-Mail   :  


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