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MEEF - Middle East Engineering - Glossaries - Architecture
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Facade - One of the exterior faces (walls) of a building.

Face Board - The board nailed to the exposed ends of roof rafters.

Face Brick - A finished, non-defective brick yielding good appearance and construction quality.

Fanlight - A semi-circular or semi-elliptical window with a horizontal sill often above a door.

Fascia - A horizontal band or board, often used to conceal the ends of rafters; the front of an object. Same as a face board.

Fenestration - The stylistic arrangement of windows in a building.

Fieldstone - A stone used in its natural shape.

Finial - A knob-like ornament.

Finish Floor - A finished walking surface.

Fire Brick - A fire resistant brick used to line a fireplace.

Fire Cut - An angled cut on joist ends found in solid masonry wall construction designed to prevent wall collapse in case of fire.

Fire Stop - A board placed within a frame wall to prevent a flue-like action in case of a fire.

Fish scale Shingles - A shingle having straight sides and rounded bottoms.

Flashing - Sheet metal fitted around chimneys, valleys, drip caps, etc. to seal out moisture.

Flat Roof - A pitch less roof type most favorable in dry climates.

Fleche - A very small wooden spire.

Floor Plan - An orthographic section of an intended floor layout with the cutting plane passing through windows and doors.

Flue - The hollow passage that carries smoke and heat to the outside from the fireplace or furnace.

Flue Liner - The fire resistant material that lines the flue.

Flying Buttress - A detached pier supporting the weight of a wall.

Footer - The concrete slab that supports all foundation walls.

Footing - A type of stone edging on a masonry wall.

Foundation - The base of a house providing stability and rigidness.

Foundation Wall - The masonry wall that rest on the footer.

Four-way Switch - Electrical switches connected between three-way switches in order to control a light from three or more stations.

Foyer - An area just inside the main exterior door for the removal of wraps, overshoes, etc.

Frame - Of wood construction.

Framing Plan - A top view plan of the roof of floor level showing the layout of rafters, ridge, joist headers, trimmers, etc.

French Drain - A basement floor drain designed to allow water to seep into the ground rather than be carried away through pipes.

Frieze - A band with designs or carvings along a wall or above doorways and windows.

Frost Line - The under ground level that frost will reach during the coldest days in a given locality.

Furring Strips - Wooden strips nailed to masonry walls to provide the necessary air space between masonry and wood or plaster,


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