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MEEF - Middle East Engineering - Glossaries - Architecture
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Half-timber - A framed construction method where spaces between members are filled with masonry.

Hanger - A formed sheet steel device that anchor together floor framing members that meet at right angles.

Head - A term that applied to the construction that comprises the entire lintel of a door or window.

Header - This term applies to several construction features; - The top horizontal support of a rough opening - The support for joist-ends on the foundation walls sill - The support for joist-ends in a floor or roof opening

Hearth - The fireplace floor.

Heat Loss - The heat that is lost (in BTU's) through ceilings, roof, floors and exterior walls of a house.

Heating Systems - Different heating Methods for heating buildings: Hot Water, warm air, steam, electric, heat pump, geo-thermal, etc

Hip Rafter - The rafter at the corner of a hip roof.

Hipped roof - A roof with slopes on all four sides. The "hips" are the lines formed when the slopes meet at the corners.

Home Styles - The different characteristic of a home influenced by the homes of immigrants: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italians, and others. contemporary styes is a termed "release from tradition" and severs out ties with previous styles.

House Shapes - The general top view of the house outline. (Square, Rectangle, L-shaped, U-shaped, H-shaped, etc.


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