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MEEF - Middle East Engineering - Glossaries - Architecture
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Palladian - A motif having three openings, the center one being arched and larger than the other two.

Palladian window - A three part window featuring a large ached center and flanking rectangular sidelights.

Paneling - The lining of a wall with a wainscot.

Parapet - That portion of the wall that extends above the roof (wall surrounding a flat roof).

Parget - Roughest, plaster. (Parging is a colloquial term referring to the application of cement plaster.)

Parquet Floor - Wood flooring laid to form geometric patterns.

Parting Strip - A wood or metal strip fastened to the inside perimeter of a window frame used to separate adjacent sliding sash.

Partition - The name given to an interior wall.

Pediment - A low triangular gable above a cornice, topped by raking cornices and ornamented.. Used over doors, windows or porches. A classical style.

Pendant - A bulbous, knob-like ornament which hangs downward.

Pent Roof - A small roof protruding from a facade, separating stories.

Picture Window - One single, large window pane that does not open from either side.

Pilaster - A rectangular vertical member projecting only slightly from a wall, with a base and capital as will a column.

Pier - A vertical, non-circular masonry support, more massive than a column.

Pillar - Similar to but more slender than a pier, also non-circular.

Pitch - The rate at which a roof or other surface slopes.

Plancher - Same as a bed board or soffit

Plaster - A surface covering for walls and ceilings applied wet, dries to smooth, hard protective surface.

Plaster Board - A name applied to many commercial products on the market used as a backing for plaster.

Plate - The 2x4 nailed along the top edge of all stud walls. A plate also is secured to the top of all solid brick or masonry walls.

Plot Plan - A top view of your finished house and landscape orientation.

Ply Cap - A plain shaped molding, 1/4 rounded to provide a smooth edge along the baseboard.

Pocket door - A door which slides open into cavities within walls, seeming to disappear when open.

Porch - An open or enclosed gallery or room on the outside of a building.

Portico - A large porch usually with a pediment roof supported by classical columns or pillars.

Prefabricated - A house whose substantial parts are made entirely or in sections away from the building site.

Public Utilities - Those utilities including water supply, sewage, electricity, disposal, gas, telephone, cable, etc. that are available to the public.


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