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MEEF - Middle East Engineering - Glossaries - Architecture
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Rafter - A roof beam sloping from the ridge to the wall. In most houses, rafters are visible from the attic. In styles such as a craftsman bungalows and some "rustic" contemporaries, they are exposed.

Raking Cornice - The sloping moldings of a pediment.

Return - A wooden member nailed between the rafter-end and the stringer for bed board support.

Rib Band - A board set into the inside face of the stud to support a second floor joist.

Ridge - The top- most portion of a roof from which roof sides fall away.

Ridge board - A decorative board standing on edge, along the ridge of a roof.

Ridgepole - The horizontal beam at the ridge of a roof, to which rafters are attached.

Ridge Rafter - The wooden member supporting rafter-ends at the ridge of a roof.

Rise - The vertical distance from one stair tread to the next.

Riser - The vertical portion of a step. The board covering the open space between stair treads.

Roof Pitch - Degree of roof slant stated in inches rise per foot.

Roof Run - The horizontal distance from the outside of a bearing wall plate to the center of the ridge rafter.

Roof Span - Equal to twice the roof run, or the horizontal distance between the outside faces of bearing wall plates.

Roof Types - Style and shape of roofs - gable, gambrel, hip, mansard, shed, flat, butterfly, salt-box.

Rough Opening - The frame wall opening to receive a door or window unit.

Rough Sill - The bottom rail of a window rough opening.

Rubble - Masonry construction using stones of irregular shape and size.

Rusticated Stone - Stonework, sometimes roughly finished, distinguished by having the joints deeply sunk


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