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Articles - biggest cities

Biggest Cities on Earth
# City
1. Seou l - DongA Marathon
Seou l - DongA Marathon - Photo: Mok, Gil-Soon

in Korean (Soul-t'ukpyolsi) - Seoul, the city on the Han river is the national capital of  South Korea,
Seoul was, until 1945, the capital of all of Korea, in ancient times Seoul was the capital of Baekje Kingdom
(18 B.C. ~ 660 A.D.)
2. Sao Paulo
São Paulo seen from Ibirapuera Park
© Anhembi Turismo Cidade de São Paulo
São Paulo

the largest city in  Brazil and the capital of the captaincy (state) Sao Paulo, founded as São Paulo de Piratininga in 1554.
3. Marathi Mumbai
Mumbai © Maharashtra Tourism

Marathi Mumbai (the former Bombay), capital of Maharashtra state,  in India, port to the Arabian Sea and one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
4. Jakarta - formerly (until 1949) Batavia, from (1949-72) Djakarta, largest city and the capital of  Indonesia. 9,373,900
5. Karachi - largest city and business capital of  Pakistan. 9,339,023
6. Moscow, Moskva - the political center and the capital of the  Russian Federation, first written mention of Moscow dates back to 1147. 8,297,056
7. Istanbul - formerly Constantinople, the largest city and seaport of  Turkey. 8,260,438
8. Mexico City - in ancient times the pre-Columbian city Tenochtitlán, today the capital city of the  United States of Mexico, founded in 1325. 8,235,744
9. Shanghai - One of the world's largest seaports and a major industrial centre of  China. 8,214,384
10. Tokyo - the "Eastern Capital", formerly Edo (until 1868), the capital and largest city of  Japan. 8,130,408
11. New York City - The city of the five 'boroughs': Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island (formerly Richmond), largest city of the  United States. 8,008,278
12. Bangkok - the Thai name is Krung Thep, the "City of Angels", formerly divided into two municipalities, Krung Thep and Thon Buri - the capital city, cultural and commercial center of  Thailand. 7,506,700*
13. Beijing - Peking, Pei-Ching the "Northern Capital", capital and cultural centre of  China. 7,362,426
14. Delhi - popularly known as Old Delhi, city and union territory, New Delhi to the south is the capital of  India. 7,206,704
15. London - Largest city and the capital of the  United Kingdom, a confederal metropolis and a polycentric city, with many core districts and no clear hierarchy among them, founded in the 1st century AD by the Romans. 7,074,265
16. Hong Kong - Xianggang (Hsiang Kang, the fragrant harbour), the formerly British Dependent Territory of Hong Kong comprises of Victoria (commonly known as Hong Kong Island), the Kowloon Peninsula, the "New Territories", and 235 outlying islands.
Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the  People Republic of China on 1 July 1997.
17. Cairo - Al-Qahirah, capital of  Egypt and a cultural centre of the Arab world. Cairo is the largest city of the Middle East and in Africa. 6,800,992
18. Teheran, Tehran, since 1788 capital city of the  Islamic Republic of Iran. 6,758,845
19. Santafé de Bogotá D.C. , Bogota, located on a mountain rimmed plateau in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes Mountains, founded in 1538. Capital City of  Colombia. 6,422,198
20. Lima - El Pulpo (The Octopus), commercial and industrial centre and the capital city of  Peru 6,414,500
21. Bandung, capital of West Java, some call it the Paris of Java, and the Flower City, second largest city of  Indonesia 5,919,400
22. Tianjin, T'ien-Ching, Tientsin or Pinyin, Chinas third largest city 5,855,044 23. Rio de Janeiro, formerly the capital city of  Brazil, until 1960 when the national capital was moved to Brasília. 5,613,897* 24. Lahore, the capital of Punjab and the second largest city in  Pakistan 5,143,495 25. Bogor, (formerly Buitenzorg) West Java Island, founded by the Dutch in 1745, third largest city in  Indonesia 5,000,100
26. Santiago, founded as Santiago del Nuevo Extremo ("Santiago of the New Frontier") in 1541, the capital of the Republic of  Chile 4,788,543
27. St. Petersburg - formerly Petrograd (1914-24) and Leningrad (1924-91), second largest city of  Russia 4,678,102
28. Shenyang - Shen-yang, capital of Liaoning sheng province,  China 4,669,737
29. Calcutta, Kolkata, Kalikata  India - The capital of West Bengal 4,399,819
30. Wuhan, urban area of three adjacent cities - Han-k'ou, Han-yang, and Wu-ch'ang, greatest city in Central  China, and the capital of Hubei Province 4,040,113
31. Sydney, capital of the state of New South Wales, largest city of
32. Guangzhou (Canton), also named Huacheng (the Flower City), Suicheng (the Rice-ear City) and Yangcheng (the Goat City). 2,100 years old city in South China 3,935,193
33. Singapore, "Lion City," "Garden City," capital city of the Republic of
 Singapore and the largest port in Southeast Asia.
34. Madras, Tamil Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state,  India 3,841,396
35. Baghdad, Bagdad, largest city and capital of  Iraq 3,841,268
36. Pusan, Busan, capital city of Kyongsang nam do (province),  South Korea 3,814,325
37. Los Angeles, second most populous city and metropolitan area (after New York) in the  United States, seat of Los Angeles County. 3,485,398
38. Yokohama, second largest city of  Japan and chief seaport 3,426,506
39. Melbourne, capital city of the state of Victoria,  Australia 3,413,894*
40. Berlin, city and state of the FRG, developed from two merchants' settlements, Berlin and Cölln, the earliest documentary records date from 1237 (Cölln) and 1244 (Berlin), since 1990 the capital of

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