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Articles - Concrete Terminology

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Keene's Cement A finely ground high density plaster composed of anhydrous, (calcined or "dead burned") gypsum, the set of which is accelerated by the addition of other materials.

Kelly Ball A device for determining the consistency of fresh concrete.  It is sometimes used as an alternative to the slump test.

Laitance A residue of weak and non-durable material consisting of cement, aggregate, fines, or impurities brought to the surface of overwet concrete by the bleeding water

Lift Layer of concrete.

Liquefaction The change of state to a liquid.  Term used instead of condensation in reference to substances, which are usually gaseous.

Magnetite An aggregate used in heavy weight concrete, consisting primarily of ferrous metaferrite (Fe304). A black magnetic iron ore with a specific gravity of approximately 5.2 and a Mohs hardness of about 6.

Marl A calcareous clay, containing approximately 30 to 65 percent calcium carbonate (05003), found normally in extinct fresh wafer basins, swamps, or bottoms of shallow lakes.

Masonry Cement Hydraulic cement manufactured for use in mortars for masonry construction. Normally a blend of two or more of the following materials: portland cement, natural cement, portland-pozzolan cement, hydraulic lime, slag cement, hydrated lime, pulverized limestone, talc, chalk,  pozzolan, clay or gypsum; also may include air en-training additions.

Mass Concrete Any large volume of concrete cast in place intended to resist applied loads by virtue of mass.  Generally a monolithic structure incorporating a low cement factor with a high proportion of large coarse aggregate.

Mass Curing Adiabatic curing, using sealed containers.

Maximum Size Aggregate Aggregate whose largest particle size is present in sufficient quantity to affect the physical properties of concrete; generally designated by the sieve size on which the maximum amount permitted to be retained is 5 or 10 percent by weight.

Mixer Equipment used for mixing or blending the materials used in the manufacture of concrete, grout or mortar.

Mixing Speed Rate of mixer drum rotation or that of the paddles in a pan, open-top, or trough type mixer, when mixing a batch; expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm) or in peripheral] feet per minute of A point on the circumference at maximum diameter.

Mixing Time For stationary mixers, mixing time is calculated in minutes from the completion of charging the mixer until the beginning of discharge; for truck mixer, time is calculated in total minutes at a specified mixing speed. the period during which materials used in a batch of concrete are combined by the mixer

Modulus of Elasticity A measure of the resistance of material to deformation. the ratio of normal stress corresponding strain for tensile or compressive stresses below the proportional limit of the material; elastic modulus is denoted by the symbol "2".

Moist Room A room used for storing and curing cementitious test specimens. The atmosphere of this room is maintained at a temperature of 73.4 3.0'F or 23.0*1.7'0 and relative humidity of at least 98 percent.  These facilities must be adequate to continually maintain  free moisture on the exteriors of test specimens.

Monolithic A plain or reinforced mass of concrete cast as a single, one piece, integral structure.

Mortar A mixture of cement, sand and water. When used in masonry construction, the mixture may contain masonry cement, or standard portland cement with lime or other ad-mixtures which may produce greater degrees of plasticity and/or durability.

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