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Articles - Concrete Terminology

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Reactive Aggregate (See alkali-aggregate reaction)

Rebound Wet shotcrete or sand and cement which bounces away from a surface again at which pneumatically applied mortar is being projected.

Refractory Concrete Concrete having refractory properties, suitable for use at high temperatures.  Calcium-aluminate cement and refractory aggregates are normally used for the manufacture of this product.

Reinforced Concrete

A.   Concrete in which reinforcement, other than that provided for temperature changes for shrinkage, has been embedded in such a- manner that the two materials act together in resisting forces.

B.   Concrete in which steel bars have been placed to sustain the tensile stresses.

Retardation  Delaying the hardening or strength gain of fresh concrete, mortar or grout. 

Retarder An admixture which extends the setting time of cement paste, and therefore of mixtures such as concrete, mortar, or grout.    

Retempering The addition of water and remixing of concrete which has started to stiffen: usually not allowed as it may affect the ultimate strength.

Revibration Delayed vibration of concrete that has already been placed and consolidated. Most effective when done at the latest time a running vibrator will sink of its own weight into the concrete and make it plastic and workable again.

Rock Pocket Area or portion of hardened concrete which is deficient in mortar and consisting primarily of coarse aggregate and open voids; caused by insufficient consolidation or separation during placement, or both; by leakage from form.

Rod (tamping) (ASTM C24l) A round, straight steel rod, 5/8' in diameter and approximately 24' in length, having the tamping end rounded into a hemispherical tip, the diameter of which is 5/8'.

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