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Articles - SINAK Corporation (See Material Test

SINAK Corporation successfully tests its advanced concrete solutions in UAE; Construction sector to benefit

UAE based Unimix endorses US company’s 100% environment friendly, non-petroleum based products
New building solution to significantly cut down construction time and conserve water and manpower

US-based SINAK Corporation, one of the leading global majors in building material solutions today announced that their high-quality concrete curing and waterproofing solutions with a proven track record in cost-effectiveness have generated widespread enthusiasm in the UAE’s booming real estate and infrastructure development market.

Unimix, a leading producer of ready mix concrete and concrete blocks in the UAE has endorsed all SINAK products after subjecting the same to rigorous tests. Having recently entered the regional market, the company’s revolutionary products – SINAK S-102™ and SINAK HLO-125™ have successfully performed under various region specific test parameters which included hot and humid weather conditions, strong and dusty winds among others.

Addressing an industry gathering in Dubai, Mr. Craig Higgins, Director Operations – SINAK Corporation said, “Our entry into the UAE with our product portfolio has been timed very well with the hectic pace of infrastructure and realty development taking place in the emirates. The UAE is the hub of the regional construction industry accounting for some 60 per cent of the Middle East construction and we plan to use Dubai as our springboard for expansion.”

Commenting on the enthusiasm the company’s products have generated, Mr. Higgins said real estate developers in the UAE and the region are keen to reduce development costs at a time when raw material prices have gone up and SINAK will act as an ideal partner of the industry to boost profit margins. He expressed his happiness on the product performance as tested by Unimix.

SINAK products have been tried and tested in global markets and have proved to cut concrete curing process time by at least two thirds. Being water based, all SINAK products are 100% environment friendly, non-flammable and are totally safe for use in both commercial and industrial construction projects.

“We have come to the market with truly revolutionary products that are time tested in global markets. The regional construction and infrastructure development industry players are far more cost-conscious now than in the initial days of the boom. It is an ideal market for SINAK in this scenario and we have strong plans to deepen our presence in the Middle East where economic growth has generated significant business opportunities for building material solutions,” Mr. Craig Higgins added.

Unimix is one of the first construction majors in the UAE to utilize SINAK solutions. The ready mix cement company has over 27 years of expertise in the market with its involvement in various prestigious projects like the Burj Dubai Tower, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) among others. Unimix has earned a reputation for itself as a quality provider of concrete and concrete-based solutions and today is one of the leaders in this space.

Commenting on SINAK concrete curing and waterproofing solutions, Mr. E.R. Menon, Director - Unimix said, “We congratulate SINAK Corporation for bringing these first of its kind building solutions which we find to be of immense value to our industry. We have stringently tested the products achieving amazing results. We can confidently say that these solutions will help shore up profit margins in the highly competitive regional market and also benefit end-users in terms of quality construction. In these days of cost escalation, it is indeed imperative that industry deploys solutions and tools which will conserve energy, save time as well as costs.”

Commenting on this new development, Mr. Jassim Al Moftah President & Managing Director of Oryx Enterprises who exclusively represent SINAK in the region said, “We were very confident of this new solution from SINAK. The successful testing of the product by Unimix only re-confirms our faith in SINAK and its usability in the region. We are confident that the commercial construction and infrastructure sector will significantly benefit from this miracle product.”

With production facilities and headquarters located in Los Angeles - California, SINAK has tested their products in countries like Canada, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan and Great Britain before shifting focus on the Middle East region. Unlike traditional curing compounds, S-102™ contributes additional cementing properties including increased surface density, strength and durability. Typically, water-curing concrete will make the surface unavailable for use between 7 – 21 days. With SINAK S-102™ the surface is available in as soon as a single day.

Founded as a partnership by Bob and Craig Higgins in 1979, SINAK manufactures a variety of unique products for treatment of concrete and masonry. Not only are they the most effective products in the market for protection and preservation, but they are also unparalleled for repair and restoration. SINAK continues to research and develop methods to manufacture and market a unique family of products that protect, enhance and extend the life cycle and performance of concrete and masonry surfaces in an environmentally friendly manner.  SINAK products have been accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture for incidental food contact. SINAK products have received verification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency that although the products eliminate conditions for the growth of algae and fungi they need not be considered as pesticides. 

For additional information please contact:

Oryx Enterprises
PO Box 3016 - Doha, Qatar
Ph: +974-444-2017     Fax: +974-444-2018

Schubert Fernandes
Percept Profile Gulf
Tel: (971-4) 344-6373
Fax: (971-4) 342-9158





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