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Sunday March 04, 2007



Bulletin No. 0707

Featured Event

RecShow - Middle East Online Recycling Show
Res. April 15th. - May 14th. 2007
According to the World Bank estimates, tens of billions of dollars will be invested in the waste management and environmental sectors in the Middle East over the next 10 years. Amid this mounting concern, the market for waste management technologies and products in the Middle East is growing rapidly.

Projects  of the Week


A good IDEA for energy efficiency
Some industry experts are predicting investments in Middle East district cooling projects to reach US $30 billion by 2016. Governments and project managers are increasingly aware of the need to employ energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. The International District Energy Association (IDEA) aims to improve global environmental quality through efficient district energy. In an exclusive interview with Utilities Middle East, Dany Safi, CEO of Tabreed, a district cooling provider, and director of IDEA, explains why this technology will be at the fore of Middle East energy investment.





Russia Bahrain Railway Project
One of the world's biggest railway and infrastructure developer companies has established its headquarters in Bahrain. The Russian Railways Public Joint Stock Company sent a delegation on a two-day visit to Bahrain at the invitation of GR Group managing director and CEO Salman Yaqoob Kahraman Sheiba. The firm operates as RZD agent in Bahrain.





EU to Increase its Annual Aid to Jordan to 67 Million Euro
Within the framework of economic and financial cooperation between the EU and Jordan and under the European Assistance Programme for the years 2007-2010, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Jordanian Government and the European Commission under which the EU provides Jordan with grants worth 265 million for the said period was signed today at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.





Middle East Project & Press Release Archive
Current and upcoming projects daily updates

Resources in Recycling

RETECH RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY AB, SWEDEN, designs and manufactures machinery and complete plants for recycling and markets them in Europe.


AZ Auto
Established in 1992, With nearly 14 years in the car parts business, AZ Auto & Parts has expertly and consistently served our customers with only the absolute highest level of customer service and trusted autos & parts in the market. Through the years, our name has become synonymous with low prices and and quality used autos & parts.

More CyberShow Exhibitors:
From over 45 countries exhibiting building material, construction supplies & services.


Research - Environment


Water Recycling
While recycling is a term generally applied to aluminum cans, glass bottles, and newspapers, water can be recycled as well. Water recycling is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, and replenishing a ground water basin (referred to as ground water recharge). Water is sometimes recycled and reused onsite; for example, when an industrial facility recycles water used for cooling processes.

Engineering Articles 


Asphalt-Rubber - Glossary of Terms
Crumb Rubber Glossary of Terms
Material Separation "Cyclones"

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