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January 03, 2007



Bulletin No. 0107

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4th MidEast Upstream 2007 Conference focuses on the exploration and development ventures of State Players and Companies in the Middle East where large oil and gas reserves remain, acreage leasing is accelerating, new gas-LNG ventures are afoot, and investment opportunities have attracted greater commitments from Super-Majors, Independents and National Oil Companies.
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Trucks of world class quality are assembled in Jeddah. One of only two truck assembly plants in the Kingdom, Arabian Vehicles and Trucks Industry with just 65 employees — three quarters Saudi — delivers 650 Volvo trucks a year. Two years ago with just 35 employees, output was 350. In 2007 ...





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2006 was a year of many firsts and surprises. We celebrated the blessings of achievement, life, virtue, security, prosperity, righteousness, and truth-telling. Admittedly, we celebrated in the shadow of the hopeless, the despairing, the insecure, the poor & hungry, the self-destructive, and the truth-killers.





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In terms of impact on food production, sometime in 2007 world biodiesel consumption is expected to outstrip world soybean production, and also in 2007, US corn for ethanol consumption will again outstrip US corn exports. Because of land increasingly being allocated to growing biofuel, the global grain market reserves





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Global Advisors - Oil & Gas ...
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The soft light and luminous color of NightOrbs™ bring a new dimension to nighttime gardens. I first had the idea of introducing hand-blown glass into the landscape 10 years ago. I chose a spherical shape because it is considered the most perfect form.
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Mineral wool has a unique range of properties combining high thermal resistance with long-term stability. It is made from molten glass, stone or slag that is spun into a fibre-like structure which creates a combination of properties that no other insulation material can match. ...

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