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Energy - ESCO (Energy Service Company)

Promotion of ESCO Business
What Is the ESCO Business?

  • A business that offers comprehensive services on energy conservation to clients, who in return will offer a part of their energy saving gains (saving on utility bill, etc.)

  • The business has two forms: "Guaranteed savings agreement" where customers cover business costs and "Shared savings agreement" where the ESCO business covers business costs. These options enable service provision according to customer needs.

*ESCO stands for Energy Service Company.

Overview of ESCO business

Guaranteed method


Promotion of ESCO Business
ESCO-Related Market Scale

ESCO-related markets have shown rapid growth in recent years with substantial room for market expansion . (FY2002 purchase orders: Approx. 51.5 billion yen)

  • A research estimates its potential market size as 2,470 billion yen.
    ( Source: The ECCJ's ESCO Introduction Promotion Study Group Report )

  • The market scale of the ESCO business in the US in 2000 is approx. US$ 2 billion.

Scale of ESCO-related markets

Support for the Introduction of ESCO Business

  • Support, in the forms of partial subsidy for initial investments, low-interest loans, etc., is extended to private enterprises and local governments implementing the ESCO business.

  • A model ESCO project will be introduced also at a national facility, i.e. METI building from FY2004 onwards.

Example of ESCO business introduction

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