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energy - fuel cells


Since hydrogen is not readily available, fuel cell systems often use a fuel reformer or fuel processor that extracts hydrogen from hydrocarbons, such as natural gas or methane gas produced in wastewater treatment plants.

Electrical Current

Also, fuel cells produce direct current, or D/C, electricity. Because alternating current, or A/C, is the electrical standard for most uses, such as home or building power, fuel cells use a power inverter to change the electricity from D/C to A/C.

In transportation applications where hydrogen is available as a direct source, neither the reformer nor inverter are needed.

UTC Power's fuel cell power solution for the automotive market is a super-efficient, quite and emission-free transportation fuel cell system. It is based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology, and maximizes the benefits of fuel cells by employing a compact, ambient pressure, hydrogen fuel cell system.

Ambient pressure technology delivers the highest level of fuel efficiency.  In fact, UTC Power anticipates its PureMotion™ 120 system will deliver nearly double the fuel economy of a standard diesel-powered engine. In addition, the power system is designed to provide a quieter, more comfortable ride for passengers.

Ideally sized for transit vehicles, the PureMotion™ 120 system generates up to 120 kW of power. The modular design is intended to maximize uptime and simplify routine maintenance. 

Product benefits

  • High efficiency

  • Zero-emissions

  • Reliable operation

  • Low noise profile

  • Low maintenance



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