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Energy - Conservation in Hotels

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Alliance Hotel Initiative

The Alliance helps hotels and resorts in several countries improve their overall energy management, identify and locate energy-efficiency technology and service providers, and benchmark energy use data.

Through its Energy Efficiency Industry Partnership Program (EEIP), the Alliance works with providers of energy-efficiency technologies and services to raise the visibility of the energy-efficiency industry in developing countries and to educate hotels on energy-saving opportunities.

Other Alliance programs in the hotel sector focus on the following activities:


  • Minimizing hotel operating costs through documented energy savings.

  • Help hotels incorporate energy-efficiency measures at the design and construction stages.

  • Developing and disseminating energy and water efficiency guidebooks.

  • Conducting classroom and hands-on training for hotel management and energy managers.

  • Disseminating energy-efficiency case studies in hotels.

  • Training hotel managers and engineers to benchmark energy-use data to identify improvements and track results.

  • Creating networks of hotel energy managers to share information and resources.

  • Developing Internet-accessible resources for hotels to source information on energy-efficiency technologies and services.

  • Encouraging hoteliers to adopt and obtain energy and environmental certification.

Currently, specific Alliance initiatives include the following:

EEIP in the Dominican Republic
With support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Alliance is working with the hotel industry in the Dominican Republic to encourage the development of a practical institutional network that will help hotels identify opportunities for energy efficiency and successfully implement energy-efficiency measures.

EEIP in Indonesia
With support from the former US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP), the Alliance has partnered with Pelangi Indonesia, a nonprofit environmental group, to develop a program to promote and encourage energy efficiency in the Indonesian hotel sector.

EEIP in Sri Lanka
With support from USAID and the former US-AEP in Sri Lanka, the Alliance has focused its efforts on creating awareness of energy-efficiency opportunities and best practices in the developing Sri Lankan tourism industry. The primary focus is on building the capacity of Sri Lankan hotels to become energy efficient.



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