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AmerCable Incorporated

Energy - Conservation

Analyze Data

Analyzing data to determine energy use trends can help an organization gain a better understanding of the factors that affect energy performance and identify steps for reducing energy consumption.

There are a variety of ways data can be analyzed depending upon the needs of the organization. The following analyses provide a starting point:

Quantitative Reviews

Develop use profiles - Identify energy consumption peaks and valleys, and determine how they relate to operations or key events.

Compare performance - Compare the use and performance data of similar facilities in your industry.

Assess the financial impacts - Identify areas of high-cost energy use.

Identify data gaps - Determine areas where more information is needed.

Qualitative Reviews

Conduct interviews - Seek informed opinions from colleagues, specific anecdotes and lessons learned, systems-specific information (e.g., HVAC, lighting, refrigeration), and in-house audits or surveys.

Review policies and procedures - Review organizational policies and operating procedures to determine their impact on energy use.

In Practice

University of Virginia - Rooting Out the Energy Hogs

Metering and benchmarking energy for plants, facilities, space types, and systems are at the heart of the University of Virginia's (UVA) energy management program. With over 577 buildings ranging in age, design, and function, maintaining good data is key for understanding performance and identifying areas for improvement.

By analyzing meter and utility use information, UVA's energy management program identifies "energy hogs" that are targeted as energy efficiency opportunities. Energy hogs are flagged by UVA's tracking/trending program whenever it detects high total utility use, high relative utility use (by facility type), or unusual utility use, such as chilled water use during winter months for an office building.. These types of issues are identified by an "exception report" and may indicate design or operational problems that warrant further investigation.

Through its careful analysis of energy use information, UVA's energy management program was able to control and reduce energy use, saving $5 million in 2002.





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