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Energy - Conservation

Estimate Potential for Improvement

To set goals, it is important to have an informed idea of what level of performance is achievable and the amount of resources needed.

There are a variety ways to determine potential. The method you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as: available resources, time, the nature of energy use at your facilities, and how the energy program is organized.

Methods used by leading energy programs include:

Reviewing performance data - Assessing performance and setting baselines should help to identify differences in energy use between similar facilities, giving a limited, point-in-time view of your potential improvement. Performance data spanning a longer period of time will be more useful for understanding improvement potential.

Benchmarking - Benchmarking provides a yard stick for evaluating opportunity when enough data is available to show trends in energy use.

Consider using Portfolio Manager and Delta Score Estimator to rate the current energy performance your facility against similar facilities.


Evaluating past projects and best practices - Evaluate past projects and best practices at higher-performing facilities to determine the feasibility of transferring these practices to other parts of the organization.

Reviewing technical assessments and audits - Identify opportunities to reduce energy use identified during technical assessments and audits of poorer performing facilities to serve as a strong basis for quantifying the potential for improvement.

Comparing goals of similar organizations - Reviewing performance goals of other organizations can help to guide and inform you of the potential for your own organization.

Linking to organization-wide strategic goals - Strategic as well as operational goals, such as cost reductions, can also help inform the goal setting process.





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