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Energy - Conservation

Raise Awareness

Everyone has a role in energy management. Effective programs make employees, managers, and other key stakeholders aware of energy performance goals and initiatives, as well as their responsibility in carrying out the program.

Communications strategies and materials for raising awareness of energy use, goals and impacts should be tailored to the needs of the intended audience. To raise awareness, consider doing the following:

Increase general energy awareness

Improve facility energy awareness

Gain management support

Increase general energy awareness

Most people are unaware of how their everyday actions and activities at home and work affect energy use and impact the environment. Increasing overall awareness can be an effective way to gain greater support for energy initiatives.

Increasing general awareness of energy use can be accomplished through:

New employee orientation programs - Provide basic information on organizational and individual energy use to new employees.

Poster campaigns - Develop attractive and informative posters for break rooms, bulletin boards, etc, that discuss energy use.

Earth Day events - April 22 is Earth Day and provides an appropriate context for increasing awareness of the environmental impacts from energy use and how to reduce these impacts through everyday actions at work and home.

Intra and Internet sites - Publish information on energy use, environmental impacts, and energy-saving options geared towards a general audience on your organization's web site or intranet site.

Pay statement mailers - Include energy-savings tips and energy efficient product information with pay statements.

Fairs and summits - Conduct an energy fair or summit oriented towards employees with information on energy saving activities and products.

Improve facility energy awareness

Individuals working in or even managing a facility may have little understanding of the energy performance of the facility or its impact on the organization and environment. Targeted efforts designed to increase awareness of facility energy use can help build support for energy management programs.

Like general awareness efforts, facility-oriented energy awareness can take many forms. In developing facility energy awareness programs, consider using the following types of information:

Summary statistics - Use general facility energy facts and figures, such as overall energy costs, costs to operate equipment, environmental information related to energy use, and so on.

Sources of energy - Most Americans do not know how the energy they use is generated. Providing information on the sources of energy used at your facility along with the associated pollution that results from its use could increase awareness of the environmental aspects of energy use.

Energy use of equipment - Provide information on the energy performance of equipment or processes that employees regularly use as part of their jobs. For example, most employees probably do not know how much energy their computer uses during the day and how much that costs the organization when it is on, but not in use.

Scorecards - Develop charts and graphics that illustrate energy performance across your organization or compare it to a national standard, such as the ENERGY STAR Buildings Rating System available through Portfolio Manager.



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