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Energy - Conservation

Build Capacity

Investing in training and systems to share successful practices helps ensure the success of the action plan by building the overall organizational capacity. Many organizations have found that informed employees are more likely to contribute ideas, operate equipment properly, and follow procedures, helping to guarantee that capital investments in energy improvements will realize their potential.


Using training to help staff understand the importance of energy performance provides the information necessary to make informed decisions. Training also provides an excellent opportunity for gathering employee feedback and evaluations.

The type and nature of training will vary by organization and your specific action plan. Common training programs include:

Operational and procedural training - Provides instruction on new operating methods or procedures designed to reduce energy use. Such training is typically targeted towards specific audiences, such as facility managers, operations, and maintenance staff.

Administrative training - Includes reporting, monitoring, data collection, and other administrative efforts that support energy management.

Specialized training - Gives specific instructions on using and maintaining equipment or tools to ensure more efficient operation.

Knowledge and Management Information Systems

Computer-based information systems provide a robust means for sharing information on best practices, technologies, and operational guidance. While these systems can range from complex databases to a simple intranet site, they are a centralized and accessible place to store and transfer energy management information within an organization.

Knowledge & Management Information Systems are usually organization-specific. They typically include information on:

Best practices - Catalogs successful and effective practices for energy management within an organization.

Technologies - Contains information on known, used, or recommended technologies, equipment, lighting, HVAC, and so on.

Procedures - Houses up-to-date information on specific procedures and operating practices.


Support certification of energy management credentials and other continuing education opportunities.

Use ENERGY STAR Training and Partner Networking to build an informed staff.



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