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Energy - Conservation

Track & Monitor

A tracking system is the means by which an energy program's activities are monitored. The system should be centralized and available for all to use in gauging progress toward established targets, milestones, and deadlines.

Maintaining a tracking system enables you to assess necessary steps, corrective actions, and identify successes. Periodic review of the activities outlined in the action plan is critical to meet energy performance goals.

The steps below focus on using your tracking system to advance the goals of the energy management program:

Perform regular updates - A system is only effective if the information it contains is current and comprehensive. Data needs to be collected and incorporated into the system at an interval of time effective to the program. Many organizations perform weekly and monthly updates to their tracking systems.

Conduct periodic reviews - Periodic reviews of your progress in meeting interim goals and milestones should be conducted with the management team, the energy team, and selected groups of employees. The frequency of these reviews will vary depending upon the audience. Such reviews should focus on progress made, problems encountered, and potential rewards.

Identify necessary corrective actions - A tracking system is a good way to determine whether a program is performing well. It will help identify when a specific activity is not meeting its expected performance and is in need of review.

In Practice

The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney World Resorts is made up of nearly 200 buildings. To effectively track and manage energy at these facilities, Disney developed an innovative intranet-based computer program called the Utility Reporting System (URS). This system publishes utility and submetering data on Disney's intranet system and tracks the results from energy savings efforts. By publishing performance data, the URS continuously "shines a light" on utility usage at each facility and allows similar facilities to be compared to each other. Since no facility wants to be at the bottom of the list, the system helps drive continuous improvement at the facility level.

Information and reports generated by the URS help Disney's energy managers identify areas that need improvement. When a facility is not performing as expected, Building Tune-up (BTU) Teams are formed from Engineering and Operations to review the building and energy management systems control devices, programming, and settings.

Disney estimates that its URS has facilitated a 5-20 percent reduction in utility usage and ensures that all building systems are operating at peak energy performance.





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