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AmerCable Incorporated

Energy - Conservation

Review Action Plan

After reviewing performance data, the next steps is to understand the factors affecting the results as well as the additional benefits of the improved energy performance.

This review should look at the effectiveness of your action plan. Where activities and projects were successful, document best practices to share throughout the organization. Where goals were not met, many organizations determine the cause and decide what corrective or preventive actions should be taken.

Key steps in reviewing the action plan include:

Get feedback - Solicit feedback and ideas on the plan from the energy team, implementation staff, and other departments.

Gauge awareness - Assess changes in employee and organizational awareness of energy issues.

Identify critical factors - Identify factors that contributed to surpassing or missing targets.

Quantify side benefits - Identify and quantify, if possible, side benefits arising from energy management activities such as employee comfort, productivity improvement, impact on sales, reduced operation and maintenance expenses, or better public/community relations.

Action plan review involves a commitment of resources, but also has many advantages:

Creates insight for new actions (technologies/practices/programs).

Avoids repeating failures by identifying activities that were not as effective as expected.

Assesses the usefulness of the tracking system and other administrative tools to ensure better management and evaluation.

Provides staff the opportunity to contribute to and understand the process of energy management.

Provides specific success stories and financial results to communicate to stakeholders inside and outside the organization.




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