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AmerCable Incorporated

Energy - Conservation

Internal Recognition

Recognizing the accomplishments of individuals and teams is key to sustaining support and momentum for energy management initiatives. Rewarding particular efforts sets the example for what constitutes success and helps motivate employees through increased job satisfaction. Recognition can strengthen the morale of everyone involved in energy management.

Key steps:

Determine recognition levels

The decision about who should receive recognition in your organization will likely be shaped by the purpose for providing recognition and your organizational culture. Common recognition levels include:

Individual - Acknowledges the contributions and accomplishments of specific people.

Teams - Recognizes the achievements of teams, departments, and other distinct groups within the organization.

Facility - Rewards the accomplishments or performance of an entire facility.

Establish recognition criteria

Create criteria for recognition and communicate these criteria and any process eligibility requirements. Recognition criteria might include thresholds of achievement such as:

Offered the best energy savings ideas
Achieved the greatest energy use reduction
Increased savings by X amount

Determine recognition type

There are a variety of ways to provide recognition and rewards. Depending on the purpose of the recognition program and your organizational culture, forms of recognition can range from formal acknowledgements and certificates, to salary increases and cash bonuses, to simple forms of appreciation such as coffee mugs or energy program shirts.


Ask senior management to provide the recognition.
Use a formal means for providing recognition, such as an award ceremony.
Use progress evaluations to inform the recognition process.



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