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Energy - Conservation

External Recognition

Good work deserves to be acknowledged. Recognition from a third party can provide validation for an organization's energy management program. Not only does it provide satisfaction to those involved in earning the recognition, but it can also enhance an organization's public image. A solid reputation contributes to your competitive advantage by making your organization more attractive to customers, students, current and potential employees, lenders, business partners and other stakeholders.

Before seeking recognition from external groups, you may want to determine the most appropriate avenues to pursue. A few ways to gain recognition for your organization's energy management efforts may be:

Partnership programs - Participate in established groups, such as government agencies, trade associations, or regional energy conservation groups to demonstrate commitment to achieve results.

Performance standards - Meet widely recognized standards of performance, such as those established by ENERGY STAR, that reflect superior performance.

Achievement awards - Surpass a variety of predetermined criteria, often both qualitative and quantitative, that identify superior energy management programs.

Public reporting - Report progress publicly and to targeted stakeholders that monitor and critique energy performance to let you gain their support or good will.

There are a variety of government programs, industry associations, and other organizations that recognize environmental achievements through energy management.

Examples include:

Professional associations
Trade associations
Federal and State Government Agencies
Non-profit organizations
Regional energy programs
Other federal agencies
Socially responsible investment funds




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