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energy - solutions for buildings


Building designers, owners, operators, and occupants are making smart choices about energy – and saving money. Learn more about energy solutions for your building.

Homes use-and waste-energy in many ways, so there are many options for savings. Check out tips, tools, and guides for saving energy at home.

Multifamily buildings offer multiple opportunities for savings-energy efficiencies are intrinsic to shared structural and mechanical systems such as roofs, exterior walls, water, and climate control. Find out how others are saving on utility bills and maintenance costs.

Office building energy bills are the highest of any commercial building type. For bottom-line savings, designers, owners, and operators are looking to energy-efficient building design and technologies.

Retail buildings often have high energy costs, particularly for lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting-and other energy improvements-can yield fast returns on the initial investment.

Health care facilities are energy-intensive environments. But many medical facilities are finding that energy investments offer fast paybacks and ongoing returns with no compromise in patient care.

Lodging energy use is directly tied to guest expectations for comfort and to services like laundry. Energy-efficient technologies and processes deliver huge savings without any adverse impact on guests.

Schools can save big on utility bills and maintenance costs by making energy-smart choices that reduce energy use and improve the classroom environment. Every dollar saved can be redirected toward hiring new teachers or purchasing books and computers.

Universities consume energy like mini-cities. Energy-efficient building improvements-like centralized building controls–can help to reduce operating costs and improve the campus environment.

Government buildings are leading by example, incorporating energy-efficient building designs, technologies, and practices. The energy savings can be diverted to better uses, such as education, crime prevention, or national security.

High Performance Buildings showcase the latest energy-saving technologies and green building practices.


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