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April 17-19, 2008

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Food & Beverage Management Club
Second Meeting Sept. 8th, 2007
La Royal Hotel


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Minutes of Meeting


On this day Sept. 8th, 2007 at 19:00 Hrs in the Azure Room at Le Royal Hotel, the following Food & Beverage professionals we present (in no specific order):

  • Mr. Bassam Abu Hassan - Food & Beverage Manager, Intercontinental Hotel - Amman

  • Mr. Abdul Shukoor MBA - Director of Food & Beverage, Kempinski Hotel Ishtar - Dead Sea

  • Mr. Ibrahim Karajeh - Director of Food & Beverage, Radisson SAS Hotel - Amman

  • Mr. Ziad Daoud - Executive Chef, La Royal Hotel - Amman

  • Mr. Eyad Al Qaq - Executive Chef, Crwone Plaza Resort - Petra

  • Mr. Yones Al-Shaer - Director of Catering & Conventions, The Regency Palace Hotel - Amman

  • Mr. Ayman Elyan - Director of Food & Beverage, Le Royal Hotel - Amman

  • Mr. Osama Almoulla - Restaurants Manager, Kempinski Ishtar Hotel - Dead Sea

  • Mr. Walid Hikmat - MEEF Int'l Events Management - Amman

The meeting was honored by the following visitors:

  • Mr. Antony G. Paton - Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Le Royal Hotel Group

  • Mr. Firas Al-Bashir - Hotel Manager, Le Royal Hotel, Amman


  • Meeting started at 19:30 Hrs with opening notes by Mr. Hikmat.

  • Mr. Abdul Shukoor Chaired the meeting, made a presentation on how the idea may be materialized.

  • Mr. Abdul Shukoor will revise his papers submitted earlier, then will e-mail them to members.

  • Mr. Ayman Elyan has suggested in this meeting to rename the group as Food & Beverage Club, the suggestion was welcomed by the group.

  • Mr. Abdul Shukoor is elected by the group to continue as President for a period of six months.

  • Mr. Ayman Elyan is elected by the group as Vice President for a period of six months.

  • Mr. Walid Hikmat is elected by the group as Secretary for a period of six months.

  • Mr. Ibrahim Karajeh is elected by the group as Treasurer for a period of six months.

The group has agreed on the following:

  • Mr. Hikmat is to follow on the F&B Club registration in coordination with the President, V. President and the Treasurer.

  • Club's headquarter will temporarily be Hikmat's office.

  • The Club will support the Sustainable Hospitality Management Conference to be held on Nov. 3-5, 2007

  • Group's next meeting will be hosted and sponsored by Radisson SAS Hotel, Amman.

  • Date to be decided following the holy month of Ramadan.

Meeting adjourned followed by a cocktail reception at the English Restaurant terrace on the 10th floor.


For any query please contact:


Walid Hikmat

Tel/Fax: +962 6 556 2487 / 86






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