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JH&RE '08

Jordan Hotel &
Restaurant Supplies
& Catering Equipment

April 17-19, 2008

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Food & Beverage Management Club



Second Meeting Sept. 8th, 2007

First Meeting August 17th, 2007

Le Royal Hotel

Mission & Objectives


The Food and Beverage Managers' Association aims at providing the highest professional Standards of management, education and talent management in the food and beverage hospitality culture & industry


  • To promote social interaction amongst its members;
  • To discuss common work problems;
  • To promote and organize any scheme of assistance for the Food & Beverage Related or Management courses;
  • To affiliate with or become a member of any related Association having similar aims and objectives or with which the Executives Committee considers it will be in the interest of the Association;
  • To strengthen the knowledge and profession of the Food & Beverage field;

To do all such other lawful things the Executive Committee may deem to be in the interest of the Association


The Mission

The aim of our youth club is to provide a platform for networking and exposure of our young professionals. It is meant to facilitate and enhance their careers in the hospitality industry, to recognize their achievements and to groom the future leaders in the F&B industry.

The Membership

It is open to all professionals working in the F&B industry. The minimum position for admission as a youth member is Waiter.

The maximum age is 28 and the membership ceases when the member reaches his 28th birthday. At this point, if the member has been with the association for a minimum of 2 full calendar years, the executive committee may consider inviting him to join as an ordinary member.

The membership is also open to students of the Hospitality Industry schools

The membership fee is $15 per annum.

The Benefits and Privileges

There will be 4 major events during the calendar year, in which youth members will have the opportunity to network within their group and possibly other groups of affiliated associations. These events will be organized in conjunction with food and beverage tasting/workshops and will have invited professional speakers from the hospitality industry who will address the audience on related topics.

The youth group will also be invited to participate in selected activities, which are organized for the ordinary members, thus giving them the additional opportunity to network with industry professional.

Special visits to selected suppliers are also organized thus giving the youth group the learning opportunity.

Every year, the FBMC will sponsor one young member of the association for an overseas study/workshop or a visit to vineyard. This will be based on meritocracy. The young member will be offered the opportunity to visit an overseas school and attend a course related to F&B. We will also consider visit and workshop to an overseas winery.

An annual award will be given to a supervisor who has provided excellent service.

Point System.

In order to determine which youth member will be sponsored for the annual recognition a point system should be put in place.

Points will be awarded for support on internal activities and for introducing new member to the organization. They can also be accumulated by attending special courses and workshop aimed at improving knowledge.

Program launch

The proposed date for the launch will coincide with the Octoberís/2008ís organized activity. Existing members are encouraged to invite potential new members to join the Youth Club.

Ordinary (eligibility)
EAM (F&B), Directors of F&B Managers, Asst. F&B Managers and Head of food and beverage department of all Hotels, Clubs, Hospitals and Catering institutes Ordinary Members are entitled to vote or to be selected in the Executive Committee.

Ordinary membership is extended to all Food & Beverage Executives related to the Industry working in Jordan and those that have left Jordan for assignments abroad.

Ordinary members are entitled to vote or to be elected in the Executive Committee with the exception of those that have left to work overseas.

Contribution: $25 per year

Associate (eligibility)
Any other person not included in the 'ordinary category'. This includes suppliers who wish to join the Association as an individual. Associate Membership is not entitled to vote or to be elected in the Executive Committee.

Contribution: $80 per year

Corporate (eligibility)
Any company who has interest in Food & Beverage Management. The company can appoint 4 nominees.

Contribution: $400 per year

Honorary Fellow (eligibility)
From time to time the Governing Council may invite individuals who have met the prescribed criteria to be an Honorary Fellow.
These are distinguished individuals who has directly or indirectly, contributed in the shaping and building up of high standards of the F&B Industry in Jordan and whose achievements would serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to the general membership to be an Honorary Fellow of the Association.

New Category for Junior Membership
Junior membership is extended to rank and file personnel in the Food & Beverage Service Industry and students from the Educational Institutions.

If you want to become a Member please go to

Executive Committee Members

Abdul Shukoor

Vice President-Restaurants

Emat Odat
Vice President-Liaison

Ayman Elayan
Vice President-Hotels

Walid Hikmat

Ibrahim Karajeh

Corporate Members

The FBMC is proud to be associated with the following corporate members:

All hotel suppliers 


We are pleased to furnish you with the necessary information as a Member.

Business Affiliates

  • To provide a mechanism for communication between the 'professional' body and companies who supply goods and services to the hospitality and tourism industries.
  • To create a more effective consultation process with suppliers regarding important industry issues.
  • To create business with a valuable but controlled means of access of Food and Beverage Managers' Association can broaden and improve its range of service and activities for the benefit of the hospitality.

We are sure that you will agree that one of the main benefits of being a Corporate Member is the knowledge that your Company will be positively contributing to the development and increased professionalism of the industry.

Corporate Members logo will be incorporated in our websites. Access to both Ordinary and Associate Members databank for networking. Subsidized advertising rate in FBMC website for products & service sponsorship opportunities.

Professional Development

In conjunction with other organizations. FBMC will develop seminars and talks which will be tailored to the hospitality industry. The seminars will cover areas such as Management and Personal development. Training and Presentation skills and successful selling. Food Hygiene and Safe Food Handling Quality Circle, etc. all at different levels. The seminars run throughout the year and we will likely extend these seminars regionally. The Association will also support various Culinary and F&B competitions for professional recognition.


Gala Dinners, Charity events, Wine Tasting Sessions will provide ample opportunities for networking. The FBMC organizes this networking opportunity on a quarterly basis. FBMC.


FBMC is constantly working on providing special offers and discounts for members. This may include retail & F&B discounts at selected places. New offers will be announced on the website.


Networking - Events Management

Gala Dinners, Charity Events, Wine Tasting Sessions will provided ample opportunities for networking. Alongside with all these events, the Food & Beverages Managers' Association will organize its own social events every quarterly for members.


Hospitality Magazine

The official partnership with the Hospitality Magazine is targeted at gaining more publicity on the activities that the Food and Beverage Managers Association is carrying out on a regular basis. This will arouse public awareness and open up more opportunities for networking as well as expanding internal and external resources.

We hope that the above has provided you information on the exclusivity available to our members. We look forward to a successful partnership and many more fruitful membership years.


Calendar of Activities 2007

August 07 1st Meeting was held at Kempinski Ishtar. Introduction to the Association
September 07 2nd Meeting was held at Le Royal Hotel. Executive committee members were elected and next meeting has been scheduled at Radisson SAS

October 07

3rd Meeting was held at the Radisson SAS hotel Hosted by Mr Ibrahim Karajeh. The Team expressed the urgency of Registering the CLUB through collection of Application forms from Junior Members.
November 07 4th Meeting was held at the Intercontinental Hotel. We saw a slight increase of attendees. The next meeting in Holiday Inn. Date and time TBA.
December 07 5th Meeting was held in the Holiday Inn Hotels Amman, the club agreed on a number of activities in 2008, for details contact Mr. Abdul Shukoor - President

January 08

6th TBA



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