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JH&RE '08

Jordan Hotel &
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April 17-19, 2008


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Middle East Conference
on Sustainable Hospitality Management
Ishtar-Kempinski Hotel Dead Sea
Nov. 3rd - 5th, 2007


Crist E. Inman

Crist E. Inman

Visiting Lecturer of Management and Organizations

Crist Inman's academic and non-academic interests have converged on the relationship between conservation and entrepreneurship. He has worked with academic colleagues to document the dynamics of this relationship in scientific journal articles, including Administrative Science Quarterly (1996); in book chapters published by Harvard University Press (2001); as well as in public policy media, including the United Nations Environment Program (1998) and United Nations Development Program (2004).

Since founding La Paz Group, a Costa Rica-based management company for conservation-oriented enterprises, Inman has focused most of his time investigating the relationship between conservation and entrepreneurship in the marketplace. La Paz Group has managed prestigious conservation businesses such as Lapa Rios and advised on strategy for emerging conservation tourism destinations such as Croatia and Montenegro. Since early 2006 he has been based on the Adriatic island Kalamota developing a mixed use resort supporting the conservation of local cultural and natural patrimony. From that island he has also led the startup of two brands serving consumers whose purchase decisions for consumer goods and vacation experiences are strongly influenced by commitment to conservation: Organikos and World Heritage Resorts.

Inman teaches two courses created in conjunction with the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise: "Leadership Skills Program - New Enterprise in Developing Economies"; and "NBA 690 - Projects In Sustainable Global Enterprise: Business Planning for Conservation-Focused Entrepreneurial Ventures." He received his MBA from the Johnson School and his MBA from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.

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