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Crumb Rubber


Glossary of Terms

Inch - 1/36th of a yard, 25.4 millimeters

Millimeter - 1/1000th of a meter, .0394 inch

Screen - a meshed wire fabric mounted on a frame for the purpose of separating coarser from finer parts

Mesh - the opening between the wires of a screen - term commonly used to describe or measure the size of crumb rubber. Crumb rubber is sized by the screen or mesh through which it passes in the production process. The finer the screen/mesh the more openings it will have per linear inch, i.e. 30 mesh means there are 30 holes or openings per linear inch. The greater number of openings, the smaller the material must be to pass through the screen. A minus "-" symbol refers to material that has passed through the screen, i.e -30. Technically crumb rubber sizes are expressed in two numbers. The second number is preceded by a plus (+) symbol and indicates the size particle that has been retained on the screen


Sieve - the device which includes the frame and the screen used for separating coarser from finer parts

Classifier Screen - the screens or sieves that are mounted in a production piece of equipment to separate the desired size of crumb from the other sizes, and recycle the other for the purpose of further size reduction

Testing Screen or Sieve - a small, hand-held sieve made for testing the product coming off the classifier screen.

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