Application For Participation


MEEF is hereby authorized and directed to institute inclusion of our (advised) pages in the Middle East Online Recycling Show  RecShow to be held online indefinitely.


We wish to subscribe to this MEEF service with a booth at $800 (US$) for one year.


Full page featuring Overview, Products, Logos and Contact details. Photos and multiple links can be included in the booth; logo will be inserted on main index pages and weekly e-bulletin sent to 50,000 readers.

Payment: By Wire  (Account to be advised with invoice) To accompany application.


MEEF agrees to:

Take reasonable steps to keep the RecShow online and operating effectively for the term of this contract, promote and encourage the recycling industry awareness of the RecShow, prominently display information about the RecShow on its Web site. Advertise adequately in the local papers, daily newsletter promotions and direct e-mail invitations and broadcast.


Participant agrees to:

Name a RecShow contact person and e-mail address,

May amend current information in its booth once a week during the term of this contract,

Not provide anything material to the RecShow that is illegal, libelous, defamatory or obscene.

That MEEF may terminate this agreement at any time by refunding unearned prepaid fees.


All future communication between MEEF and the subscriber should be addressed as follows:


Contact Person - Title





City - Country



Telephone Fax



E-mail - URL




Subscriber agrees herein to abide by all RecShow rules and regulations as set forth by MEEF.






Walid Yousif - G. Manager - MEEF