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Park-Traffex '08

Middle East Road Design, Parking

& Traffic Management Congress

Holiday Inn Hotel, Amman

17-20 May 2008



Amman a city like many other cities in the region is developing at a much faster pace than the most optimist planners would hope. The city grow from a population 10.000 in 1951 to 1.5 million in 1980 to around 3.000.000 this year "un-official estimates with Iraqi refugees counting around 750.000".


Among the various infrastructures severely affected by this growth is the roads and traffic system. More and more vehicles with not enough roads "in size and numbers" or parking areas to support them, this resulted in massive jams in many areas of the city, more and more street parking that resembled high cholesterol in the city veins "streets" thus limiting the flow of blood "vehicles".


Traffic jams of this sort will adversely reflect on health "dust and CO2 emissions", environment "solid metals particles in the air and noise pollution" this is in addition to its  negative economic impact in terms of fuel waste and imported vehicle parts deteriorating. Traffic jams also put pressure on human's productivity and emotional balance.


The problem - as well as in Cairo, Damascus and other cities in the region may be addressed through lengthy and costly projects like tunnels and bridges but other immediate solutions should not be neglected such as adequate parking and intelligent traffic management systems.    


Park-Traffex '08 will focus on these immediate solutions while waiting for the big projects to materialize, by then perhaps the problem would be worse with more social and economic development in the forecast that should require more bridges and tunnels.


Have your say, exhibit your products and take effective action in solving this problem.

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Organized by: Walid Hikmat

RAK, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 374 0617

E-Mail   :  


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